Detox When Pregnant

One question I seem to see a lot on message forums and Q&A websites is can pregnant women use detox products.

One thing I would always recommend while being pregnant is to always consult your doctor before using any herbal product, as no matter what opinion some people may have, the wellness of an unborn child is always an important factor, therefore, if you are considering using any form of detoxification product whilst pregnant, always consult with your doctor or physician before adding anything to your diet.

Attempting to detox your body while pregnant can create serious and possibly fatal risks for your unborn baby.  The reason is the detoxification process will release toxins from your body and for women; one of these channels of elimination is the uterus.

In a number of detoxification products available there are herbs used to detox your body that can stimulate the uterus and cause it to expel toxins.  If this is done during pregnancy it could cause serious harm to the baby.  There are also herbs within these products that can cause uterine contractions and will more than likely cause the body to induce a spontaneous fatal effect.

However, there are steps you can take when pregnant to get the healthy benefits of detoxing without any herbal or chemical products.  The most common and healthiest way is to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and ensure you drink plenty of water.    This might seem like an obvious alternative, but  it remains to be the only absolute way of keeping toxins out of your body, especially when pregnant.